Intelligent Quote System

Your Cost Savings

People are turning to artificial intelligence for handling various inquiries. Amazon, Microsoft, and many other companies now utilize AI, artificial intelligence, to initiate the customer support session, cutting the service cost.

Well, AI sounds somewhat complicated, but what if you can somehow mimic the similar feature? We made it simple. A set of pre-defined data you already have from many years of phone calls, addressing and answering questions over and over.

Increase User Engagement, Increase Conversion

Instead of displaying a web form with 20 different questions that does nothing more than scare the clients and customers away, you can have the same method, but in a more friendly, personable way.

Our service provides a solution that converts your web forms into a live-chat style that is interactive. We create a live-chat style tool on your website that asks website visitors questions with possible pre-defined answers. Mimicking the live-chat feature, it can capture more actions performed by the users and increase the conversion rate.

Starting: $15.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $99.00 sign-up feeSelect Subscription